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Screen printing original designs on second hand clothes. 


How it works

Consider us your personal thrift store shoppers. 

Only better. 


  • We find quality second hand clothing.
  • You choose the design you want to wear. 
  • You pick a shirt from our online store. 
  • We screen print. 
  • We ship.
  • You have a new shirt for your adventure. 
  • You save a shirt from a landfill, reduces the need to produce more clothing, and live a sustainable life.

Now selling stickers!

Select Designs Avalible. 


Why Second-Hand Clothing

We believe adding value to what we already have is the key to finding a way back to a more sustainable way of living. Fashion is the second highest pollutant on the planet. By printing on second hand clothes we are able to offer an affordable way to provide you with new clothes and avoid adding to the problem. 


Contact me a custom designs

and options for bulk orders. 



A new way to thrift shop...

only better.