12 Amazing Brands to Shop from for Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’m sure you are all trying to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. We thought we would help you out by putting together some gift idea lists. We are encouraging and challenging all of you to shop ethically this holiday season. If you haven’t read our first list, then be sure to check it out here.

This week we have 12 ethical brands and companies that sell everything from jewelry to stationary. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or a smaller gift, then you definitely need to check these brands out. And also make sure to purchase some shirts and stickers from Home Free Tees for all your adventure loving friends.

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is a unique jewelry line where every piece, or key, has encouraging words like brave engraved on them. The purpose behind the key is to wear it until you feel like someone else needs it more than you. The other amazing thing about this brand is that they employ homeless individuals to give them a chance at creating something unique. The Giving Keys are such an easy way to give someone a unique gift


If you know someone who has a baby or is expecting, you should consider gifting them a WildBird sling. WildBird slings were created with simplicity, beauty, versatility, and comfortability in mind. The material used to create them are ethically and responsibly sourced. And 90% of their seamstress are mothers. These slings are beautiful, a great way to support working moms and to carry around that precious baby.

May Designs

May Designs is your one-stop shop for all things stationery and planning. You can find your notebook, agenda, phone case and so much more. Everything is customizable with simple but beautiful designs. The heart behind May Designs is that they wanted to create something that allows you to be inspired to be yourself. We highly recommend checking them out because we have loved our May Design planners.

Noonday Collection

Noonday was founded by Jessica Honegger and the main goal is to provide jobs for women in developing countries by producing artisan goods. Such a cool company. I read her book, listen to her podcast, tried to get her to meet me in Guatemala (it didn’t work out).  I am a big fan of this company. And if you are looking for some super fun jewelry made from women all over the globe, Noonday is the way to go.

A Noonday Ambassador reached out to me a few months ago though Instagram. I now consider her one of my Instagram friends. Here is a link to her page if you are interested in buying from Noonday this holiday season.

Simple Switch

Simple Switch is your one-stop shop to finding ethical, fair trade, and business with a purpose company. From toilet paper, coffee, shoes, jewelry, and so much more simple switch can help you transition into buying everyday products from companies with a desire to make a difference. This a great place to not only do a little Christmas shopping but pick up some household necessities.

Starfish Project

The Starfish Projects mission is one that deeply matters to me. They are working to bring women out of brothels and a life of working in the sex industry in Southeast Asia. They provide jobs and education to women by creating beautiful jewelry. Through selling jewelry, the Starfish Project is able to offer a life of dignity, empowerment, and healing to women who have had that taken from them.

Mosaic Collective

Mosaic Collective may not have a whole lot of products but what they do have is beautiful. They exist to empower international small business owners and skills-based nonprofits. They price their products that is fair to the artisans who created them and they hope to support them with sustainable wages for them and their families. I’m am a big fan of the ceramic platters and bowls they have.

UR Bath & Body Co

After being laid off from her job, Tracy Gunn started making soap in her kitchen to support her family. Within a year, her she was selling her soaps in over 1,000 stores. Now, Tracy has expanded her line to body scrubs, bath bombs and more. The other great thing, she employs women in the US who are transitioning out of crisis to help promote their independence. Every product that they sell has an affirming name like “UR Brave”, to inspire a sense of self.

Preemptive Love

If you haven’t heard of Preemptive Love, then you for sure need to check them out. Preemptive Love is a nonprofit based in Iraq that is helping refugees in Iraq, Syria and the United States to provide relief and job creation. You can easily support this amazing coalition buy purchasing one of their handmade products like a beautiful tea towel or soap. When you purchase one of their products, you support the refugee who made it.

Tayo Collective

Another great place to find beautiful jewelry is Tayo Collective. Tayo Collective is a brand that was started by the nonprofit, Wipe Every Tear. This nonprofit is based out of the Philippines and they provide a future for women who are being sexually exploited. They provide them with safe houses and education. Tayo allows these women an opportunity to earn money while they are getting an education.

Nozomi Project

If you’re looking for a brand that produces beautiful jewelry and uses up-cycled products to make, then check out Nozomi Project. Nozomi Project is based out of Japan and is creating sustainable income, community, dignity, and hope for women. They use broken pieces of pottery that were destroyed in the tsunami in 2011. Through this, they have provided women with many wonderful opportunities like traveling for sales trips and much more.

All of Us Matter

All of Us Matter has the goal of ending sex trafficking and coming to the aid of women who have been trafficked. They sell beautiful hand painted mugs in Tunisia, Africa. The mugs provide a living wage to women in that community and support women coming out of sex trafficking in India. Why not the mug you get someone for Christmas, be a mug that makes a huge difference in the lives of so many women.