About Too Damn Durable.


2018 a year in review and whats ahead.

Last year I made the decision to follow a passion I have long felt to become an entrepreneur. Starting a business has been a learning curve, and has made me exercise the part of my brain that processes new information. Going to school never seemed like a good fit for me. So, I have challenged myself to learn about net profit, how to use spreadsheets, and fun new terms like “bootstrapping” on my own through podcasts, books and asking some experienced entrepreneurs many questions. Most importantly, I have learned what it takes to push myself forward- because I’m the only one who will when it comes to my dreams.

One year in and I’m sure of two things. One I have too many ideas and not enough time. Second the passion behind all these ideas comes to one driving factor. I want to empower women in developing countries. I am learning how to navigate all these ideas and how to actually run a business in hopes that it makes a profit this year.

Heading into 2019 I will be managing just two of my many different ideas.

One, Home Free Tees my Tee shirt and design company dedicated to putting great designs into the world while printing on second hand clothing in an effort to live sustainably. I have big plans for Home Free Tees and can't wait to see where it takes me.

The second venture I am focusing on is Too Damn Durable. A brand I am building to encouraging women to own their own durability while empowering women who are leaders in developing countries. I truly believe if you want to affect transformation across the globe, you need to empower the woman who knows the heartbeat of her community and has the desire to see it changed. Women statistically give back more to their communities and families. I want to see a world where women and families are able to rise above the entrapment of poverty to pursue dreams that change the lives of the people around them.

By rallying together a tribe of the Too Damn Durable I want to push us to empower women around the world to help them rise and have the ability to pursue their own world-changing dreams.

The opportunity to come alongside a woman who is a leader in her community and is working to affect transformation is already standing at the door.


Mission number one

Raising a salary for Hannah.

I would like to introduce you to Hannah. She is a soul who belongs in the Too Damn Durable club and, despite mounting obstacles, is still pushing forward with a vision to change the future.
Hannah is a Ugandan who has partnered with my friend Erin (World Race teammate in 2013) to start an NGO called Petros Zoe Initiative. Their mission is to reach the youth of Uganda with job training and mentoring. The majority of the population in Uganda are between the ages of 13 and 18 and only 30% of students finish secondary school. Due to the lack of resources and programs for the teenage population, there are high rates of teenage pregnancy and crime. By teaching teenagers relevant skills such as hairdressing and shoe making, they are empowered to make their lives better.

Back in December, Hannah’s husband unexpectedly passed away, leaving her with two young daughters and a newborn baby boy. For quite some time Hannah has devoted herself to fighting to see a transformation in her community. Petros Zoe Initiative is just getting off the ground and while all of her time and energy is going to working in the community she has no way to collect a salary. Without being able to rely on her husband, she now needs a means of income to support her family.

Too Damn Durable is about showing up for people. It’s looking at a stranger and being able to say “We were put on this planet to learn to take care of each other.” Too Damn Durable is our mantra because life is hard, and no one should have to do it alone.

Our goal is to help raise a salary for Hannah by my birthday on April 28th. She needs about $8,000 to live off of for this year while Erin and Hannah are able to come up with a more sustainable source of income for Hannah and her family.

I would like to raise at least $6,000 of that for Hannah.

If you are like me and your budget is calculated down to a dollar, know that whatever you give matters.

Here is the break down of what we need to make this happen.

100 people to donate $10
50 people to donate $25
25 people to donate $50
25 people to donate $100

To say thanks for supporting Hannah each donation will receive a Too Damn Durable sticker or two.

Great things don't happen alone. Changing lives does take place in the company of just one woman. Seeing this planet transformed for the better will happen because we came together. Righting wrongs happens when compassion is the driving force. Leaders can not stand alone for long. They need an army of other leaders who put an arm around them and tell them to keep going. To keep fighting so see their vision come to reality because it's important and people are waiting for it to happen.

We might be far away from Uganda but Hannah is giving us the chance to make a change in a place on the other side of the world.

And I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Anika Erickson